Jenna Presley Rubs Sunscreen All Over Her Tits

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Looking hot in her pink bikini, Jenna Presley is enjoying her time at the beach. This busty brunette is enjoying a drink at the bar and once she’s downed it, she’s ready to get back under that sun. Before she gets out there though, she needs to protect her skin. This minx can’t help but turn a mundane task like that into a cock-hardening experience.

She kneels on her beach towel, raises the bottle over her chest and start to squirt the lotion onto herself. Her eyes close and she throws her head back in what appears to be ecstasy as she pulls open her top and rubs all those white sticky cream into her fake titties.

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Jenna Presley Gets Doctor Prescribed Fuck

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jenna Presley is married to a very jealous man. When he sees Dr. Ribas about the issue, the good doctor decides to put his patient through the ultimate hardcore treatment – by fucking his patient’s super sexy wife, Jenna. Jenna takes the big cock and loves every minute of it, knowing she’s helping her husband with every squirt of pussy juice!

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Jenna Presley – Dream Girl or Reality?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jenna Presley and her friends have some plans for Keiran. When he dozes off at work, the four hot-tittied ladies visit him for some super wet dream fun. He wakes up too soon, but much to his surprise, his next appointment consists of luscious Jenna Presley and her super sexy friends Jessica Jaymes, Julia Ann, and Kirsten Price!

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Jenna Presley Trains New Roommate

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jenna Presley and her roommate Nikki Sexx have had a perfectly fine thing going on. They are great roommates with benefits and enjoy conserving water by showering together. But when their new roommate, Mr Johnny Sins, tries to push his way into their shower seen, the two women have to put him in his place fast.

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Jenna Presley Takes a Toke on Barry’s Cock

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jenna Presley needs a new pipe to smoke her favorite herb in. While down at the head shop, she runs into Barry, who’s hot shaft has always turned her right on. Pretty soon, Jenna is showing him that her pot pipe isn’t the only thing she is skilled at sucking.

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Jenna Presley Looks Incredible in Tight Black Dress

Sunday, November 4, 2012

After such a wonderful night out, Jenna Presley is ready to show her appreciation. This brunette hottie is still in her sexy tight black dress from dinner but there’s lust in her eyes and you can tell she’s not going to stay clothed for long.

Her hands grab the top of her dress and push it down – those huge tits just screaming to be released. This siren loves giving you the chance to see her nude. Such an incredible body on this curvy babe! As she drops to her knees and crawls around, her dress rises in the back – letting you see that this bitch doesn’t have any panties on. As she spreads her pussy open it’s very clear as to what she wants you to do! Get ready, because she’s going to show you as she slides her thick dildo into that wet hole.

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Jenna Presley Dress Up to Strip Down

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The hottest babe in the business would definietly have to be Jenna Presley. This raven haired harlot knows just how to grab any man’s attention. She’s got a bangin’ body, dresses beautifully, and has a breath taking face. Of course, the skills this chick’s mouth and pussy have are bar none as well. For today though, she’s slipped into this hot gold dress in order to strip on out of it for you.

Her hnds caress her tits, teasing you because she knows you want to get a piece of her. She turns around and sticks that ass out. Her dress barely able to stay wrapped around it. Jenna drops to her knees and gives her dress a good tug. Those monster boobs pop right out, nipples hard and everything. She loses the entire thing in order to spread those legs and open her pink pussy wide.

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Jenna Presley Opens Wide to Take Thick Cock

Sunday, October 7, 2012

If there’s one thing Jenna Presley loves more than anything else, it’s getting fucked by a nice big dick. She’s in luck today because her fuck buddy is ready to go! As soon as he gets to her house, he’s lost the clothes and got that hard cock out. Her pussy is sopping wet, ready to be fucked raw. With her legs spread, he aims his dick right up her snatch.

These two are all over the room! They don’t just stick to any one position – hell no, they’re ready to try out the whole kama sutra! That cock slides easily into her juicy cunt. Her hands caress her huge tits as she moans. This bitch can’t even catch her breath with this kind of ride she’s getting!

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Jenna Presley Looks Hot in Leopard Print Bikini

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Take about sex kitten! Jenna Presley is the ultimate babe and seeing her in this leopard print bikini and skirt just furthers that. She’s one red hot babe with looks that could kill, gorgeous tanned skin, and huge tits you can’t help but stare at. You’ll have even more to check out once she drops the skirt – that pink bikini bottom running right through her cunt lips.

Of course, all this showing off has the beauty feeling mighty hot and bothered. She can feel just how wet her pussy is and the best way to do something about it is by parting those lips with her fingers. She raises her legs high into the air, black heels on her feet and she thrusts her fingers deep into her pussy. Doesn’t matter if anyone’s around, she’s ready to rub that clit until she cums!

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Jenna Presley Gets Horny on a Date

Sunday, September 9, 2012

When Jenna Presley goes out on a date, she never knows when she might have to excuse herself for a little masturbation fun. She’s out with a great guy right now, but suddenly she knew that she had to excuse herself and head for the lady’s room. The brunette bombshell never bothers to wear underwear when she goes out like this, making for easier access when she has needs to satisfy.

As soon as she gets to the privacy of the restroom, she starts moving the material aside so she can fondle her beautiful breasts and turn herself on even more by pinching her own nipples. When her cunt is nice and wet and ready to be filled, she gets naked and spreads her legs and pulls out one of her many wonderful vibrator toys. She slides it deep inside and gets busy making herself cum. Lucky vibrator!

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